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What did we do before Google?

In our house, there was a choice. Ask someone, or visit the library. Search engines have replaced the old ways, and as a result, a world wide web of answers, solutions and opportunities is just a few key-strokes away.

The  trouble with the new digital world is that it’s competitive. Businesses can no longer rely on word of mouth to recommend them: they need to climb the ranking charts to grow their business, or risk obscurity on Page 2 of the search results.

Ready to reach new heights? I can help you with that.

I’ll handle your SEO and your meta data to provide you with copy that is optimised to make sure people find you on the internet, even when they didn’t know they were looking for you.

Getting there is only half the battle. Your website needs to draw people in, and keep them there. And that requires crisp, clear content that’s crafted with your customer in mind.

There’s nothing like a typo to turn people off, and that’s why my proof reading and editing services could be just what you need to turn your traffic flow round.

Don’t just take my word for it

Even though I’m based in the UK, I get to travel, virtually. I’ve been working with the Sydney-based LaunchPadD, writing SEO copy for the website 1640 Creative is building for CEO and founder, James Killick. It’s some pretty technical stuff. Fortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve done technical authoring, and this is what Jake and Matt from 1640 Creative said about how we came to work together:

“We had a need for a copywriter for a website so we took to LinkedIn to find someone, as you could imagine, we were inundated with messages and recommendations, from locations around the world.
Having embarked upon conversation with a few of them, we came across Kelly, by way of recommendation. Charming and engaging from the moment we first spoke on the phone, she was the only choice for the job and having seen samples of her work (from her wide portfolio) it was clear she wasn’t just a talented conversationalist, but a brilliant writer. Kelly has become a key part of our creative team, providing fantastic copy, fast and at affordable prices (which for us, as a start up, was key).
If you need a copywriter, I would implore you to speak to Kelly, she is fantastic, and has our full recommendation.”

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