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The words you choose, and the way you put them together, creates a message capable of persuading, surprising, informing or inspiring. And you’ve got a short window to capture their attention.

A high percentage of your audience will only skim-read your copy. On average, we take in around 30% of words each time we read words. Your copy needs to be short, sharp and sassy. Fortunately, that’s how I work, so here’s how I can help you.

I offer copy writing services across all collateral: blogs to brochures; web content to winning presentations.

I love writing, and I’ve written everything from news and reviews, to marketing and customer portal content, to a letter from the Easter Bunny. I’ve even written wedding vows – not my own.

I’m a chameleon of tone and style, so no matter whether you’re after regional dialect or cut-glass English, I’ll craft it for you. I’ll translate your jargon and distil complex information into something anyone can understand, all within your “voice”.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a voice yet. When it comes to styling up a brand and rolling it out, I’m a queen of fashion.

I’m pretty handy with social media too.

I tailor my services according to what you need. That’s why I’m happy to provide just content, or if you want me to work with your designer or IT team, I can do that too. And if there’s a specialist you need, whether it’s a graphic designer, someone to host your website or a printer with a fast turn-around, I work with some brilliant people and am very happy to recommend them to you.

What are you waiting for?

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“Kelly produced several pages of content for my site, specific to some of the regions and cities our U.K. wide network reaches. It’s great copy that has helped us shoot up the Google ranking to make us number one on the search engine as well as the number one provider of PDR! Kelly writes cracking copy: spot on first time; a great read; and funny as anything!”

Brian Snape

Websites & Digital Content

Is your website working for you? How’s your click rate? Is it providing a return on your investment?

Your website needs to draw people in, and keep them there. And that requires crisp, clear content that’s crafted with your customer in mind.

I’ll handle your SEO and your meta data to provide you with copy optimised to make sure people find you on the world wide web, even when they didn’t know they were looking for you.

There’s nothing like a typo to turn people off, and that’s why my proof reading and editing services could be just what you need to turn your traffic flow round.

Social media posts

Social media is a noisy and crowded social space. Your Tweets have to be loud; your Facebook has to score its face time and your Instagram needs to win instant fans.

It’s a known fact that some posts go viral, while the majority see little action, but a little effort can generate a lot of improvement. Is it time to upgrade your social content?

I’ll write you a forward programme of content to post yourself, or if you prefer, I’ll do the posting for you too. I’ll apply a few tricks of my own to the tricks of the trade to create social content that will appeal to your audience and share your messages far and wide across your preferred platforms.

Employee communications

Businesses are taking more and more time with their employee engagement, as they strive to attract and retain excellent people, and garner a reputation as a business that cares.

I’ve always been passionate about internal communications – it was after all my first love – and I’ve written for internal audiences my entire career.

Excellent employee communications can strengthen a team and weaken the insidious grapevine. Your newsletters, updates and brochures are in safe hands with me, as are your posters and e-communications. I also deliver cracking employee events.

Technical authoring & training manuals

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand things. Sometimes, it’s hard to make yourself understood. And lack of understanding can lead to distrust and disinterest.

Jargon, technical information, even an in-depth comprehension of something you’re trying to convey can hinder your ability to communicate it to others who don’t possess it themselves.

My approach to technical authoring and training manuals is immersive research: from that position, I’ll create you copy that communicates clearly, accurately and comprehensively, enabling your audience access to information they will understand.

Proofreading & Editing

Detect, correct. Spelling, grammar, consistency and accuracy. All without detracting from your work, removing your style or rewriting. That’s a big and important role.

Once you go live with your work, it’s largely fixed. Reprinting is expensive. Errors suggest a lack of professionalism and poor attention to detail.

From tidy-ups to transformations, I’ll review, revise and revitalise your copy within whatever parameters you set. And I’ll do it sensitively – I’m an author myself, so I know the emotional process of creating copy. I’ll only intervene with very good reason, promise.

News & reviews

Is it newsworthy? If it is, you’ve a news story. But how do you guarantee someone will carry it for you? What’s the winning writing formula to get you past the proverbial spike?

Attention grabbing headlines, the big six interrogatory questions, the burning platform and the picture caption are all part of my news tool kit.

And when it comes to reviews, as a freelance journalist, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and interview some amazing people; eat and stay at phenomenal places and write about it. And because I’ve been on both sides of the press partition, I know how to tempt as well as be tempted.

Corporate services

There comes a time in every business’ life when it needs to tell a story. Annual reports, brochures and portfolios need to be distinct and brand-true as they’re a window to your business.

Every piece of collateral that makes its way into the world is another opportunity to market your business. If you want stunning literature that promotes your brand, your values and your successes, then I can help.

Consultancy services

I’m not just a writer. With more than 16 years’ experience leading communication functions for national and international businesses, I know a thing or two about strategy.

I’m a fixer too.

So if you need an impartial audit, an objective overview or someone to shake things up, please get it touch and let me share the benefit of my experience with you.

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