“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

At the beginning of 2018, I decided to step back from the corporate world, and focus a little more on living, rather than just working. As a result, I’m a freelancer who puts pep into digital presence and marketing strategies, ramps up readability and weaves words round it all, probably in my pjs.

​I’ve been lucky enough to work with schools and businesses in the travel, sport and leisure industries, as well as partner with fellow creatives who practice the art of brand, design and marketing.

Because I work from home, I’m keeping down my overheads. That means I can offer you cost effective expertise on a freelance, contract or piecework basis.

​I never wear pjs to meetings.

I love rock music, and boast an uncanny ability to remember 1980s song lyrics. The way to my heart is to complement my shoes. Or buy me chocolate. I’m not that fussed.

Sometimes I like to write about day to day life – you can read more here on my personal blog.


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Passions & Experience

“There is no remedy for love but to love more”

Eat. Sleep. Write. Repeat. I’m a logophile and proud of it. Whether it’s corporate coverage, parody pastiche, branded banter, or observant ouevres, I’m up for it. Give me a subject and a word count, and let me craft compelling copy.

​I’m also a black belt in appropriate use of the apostrophe.

I won’t lie – I can’t draw for toffee. But as primitive as my sketches may be, I’m well versed in providing clear and comprehensive briefs that guarantee my creation comes to life. Any graphic designer can be Igor to my Dr Frankenstein. The result is always the embodiment of a vision, without the inconvenience of grave robbing and an angry village mob.

I like people. And people like me. I’m happy in conversation with anyone, from CEOs to cleaners. That means your clients will be in safe hands, and your people too. I’m not a schmoozer and I don’t play political games. I like to get to know people to understand what they want, so I can help them achieve their objectives.

If I were a dog, I’d probably be a collie. Loyal and hard working, intelligent and friendly, and great with children. But don’t call me Lassie.

I fell in love with something new.

​Marketing was an area I’d not spent any significant part of my career in. Then I took the time to look beyond the flashy exterior and good looks and I saw something sensitive and clever, a blend of empathy and psychology that made me realise that sometimes the very thing you want is right in front of you the whole time.

​So I took the plunge with marketing, and we’ve been very happy together for months and months now. Marketing has given me experiences in travel and leisure, specialist trades, B2C and B2B.

“Clearly, Kelly’s passion is writing. Covering a vast array of topics Kelly always puts 100% effort into her work. Her articles are well researched, detailed, in-fitting with the tone required, and turned around promptly. Even though she works freelance, she’s a valued team member.”

Ben Farrin

How I got here

Before ikpr, I spent more than 16 years leading successful communications functions in pharmaceutical, highways, transportation and construction sectors.

I’ve plenty of experience of devising and delivering comprehensive internal and external communications across multi-channels to diverse stakeholder groups. I’m an expert in aligning internal and external communications, and framing your messaging in a way your audience will understand, and connect with. And with all this strategy, comes years of tactical delivery, campaign creation and successful delivery. Writing has been a constant throughout my life, not just my career.

I’ve also great leadership and management capabilities.

​I’ve worked for Pfizer Global Manufacturing and Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group. I’ve worked for Balfour Beatty, Carillion and Mott MacDonald. I’ve also worked for Ronald McDonald and Duncan Bannatyne in my time, but I won’t elaborate on that, as it’s largely irrelevant.

I love straight-talking people – it makes life so much easier.

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