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Sometimes, it’s hard to understand things. Sometimes, it’s hard to make yourself understood. And lack of understanding can lead to distrust and disinterest.

Jargon, technical information, even an in-depth comprehension of something you’re trying to convey can hinder your ability to communicate it to others who don’t possess it themselves.

If you find your content is switching people off instead of turning them on, you might consider a little technical translation.

There’s nothing to be lost in translation, only gained.

My approach to technical authoring and the creation of engaging training manuals is immersive research. I’ll follow instructions from start to finish to ensure what works as practical works on paper. I’ll use the systems I’m writing about to improve the user experience. I’ll explain engineering or technical terms and simplify complicated language into plain English, without losing the impact of the technical detail.

I’ll create you copy that communicates clearly, accurately and comprehensively in whatever medium you need enabling your audience access information they understand.

And it won’t be patronising.

I’ve had plenty of experience of technical translation. I’ve explained complicated construction methods for major infrastructure improvements. I’ve written user manuals and instruction guides for everything from software packages to e-Learning modules, how-to guides to health and safety policies to recipes: I’ve even translated traffic management layouts (cones to you and me).

The results have been improved comprehension; improved compliance; improved communication.

And that can’t be bad.

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